We are faster and comfortable than, trains, buses and other taxies in Lausanne to the all over Switzerland you need a taxi to go hotel, resort, airport, local cities areas or any other place we always ready to help you.

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Why do people book transfers in Lausanne

The transfer is a transportation service which meets your all needs and brings you exactly what you asked, a fairtransfert driver always ready to meets you at the airport, a hotel, or at exactly given address. our driver help you with your luggage and take you the fast track to your stop.

You can easily to pre-book in cheap taxi transfer service to the city or to airport, we provide the comfortable taxi transfer for the big family with child seat, economy minivan for large tourist groups or a luxury transfer and the taxi transfer cost in Lausanne is fixed not a negotiable at the time of pre-order other yet our driver is waiting for passengers when the stop is necessary or if traffics jams because we always work according to our customer satisfaction we easily to arrive your stoppage with full security.

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Advantages of transfer over other ways to get in Lausanne

Lausanne is an important transport hub in Switzerland, there are many taxies buses and trains which can provide the taxi service but we always provide the low-cost taxi service with high-quality services you can easily to book your taxi by call or book taxi by a website

  • How to get in Lausanne to your destination
  • There are at least four ways
  • to get where you need to:
  • by private transfer
  • by train or subway
  • by bus or shuttle bus
Advantages of transfer to book taxi via the website

Advantages of private transfer

Minimum 10 minutes faster because the fairtransfert driver know very well for your arrival time and we will be waiting for you in Lausanne at the given destination

No confusion easily to open Google and search fairtransfert go to Booking and fill the form where you want to go and choose a Taxi everything you need already is done.

The taxi Meets the all requirement which you need:

Required amount of luggage space and child safety seat, which you required on taxi.

The disadvantage of private transfer.

Near More About 10% more expensive, because fairtransfert providing the licensed drivers in the taxi, regularly inspected.

Compare transfer and taxi in Lausanne, booked on-site.

Advantages of private taxi transfer

Minimum 10 Minute Faster in taxi service:

There are many taxi service provider in Lausanne, and there are more gathering in airport and everyone often to queues to get in to taxi as the airport staff is distributing the travelers in to taxis and the tourist are choosing a taxi very high cost but Outside the airport you can easily to find the owner taxi drivers, transferable travelers but it is major to find the most reliable taxi provider and it takes a time.

Fixed your communication problem

It is not easy to explain to a driver where to go and what your needs and you can’t explain it If you do not speak in the foreign language but Our drivers are aware international language as well as local language which makes foreigners easy to explain there requirements.

The sum is known in advance

Each taxi service in Switzerland works as per its own tax ( mileage, sit time, etс.) Owner drivers charge their own particular value, in light of the vacationer’s looks. The transfer costs as much as it was expressed in a voucher at the time or pre-arrange.

Payment in preferable currency

No compelling reason to the cash into the local one, regardless of whether you didn’t pay all required funds online. Fairtransfert drivers accept payments cash of the pre-arranges at the official exchange rate.

The disadvantage of private transfer

about 5-15% more expensive.

If the destination is close the airport, to get a taxi nearby might be less expensive as fairtransfert works on the single rate premise inside the city area.

Transfer differentiate between to the train, bus or shuttle
Advantages of private transfer
Honest and comfortable

Fairtransfert driver always ready to help you and waiting for given address in Lausanne and full fill your all requirements and also to help you with your heavy luggage. If you need a help during a trip you can always to ask to pull up stop a shop and cafe.

Full service you will not get lost in directions in Lausanne, as the driver will meet you and lead you to the taxi. He will convey you to the designated place, so you won’t need to arrive by walking from people in general transport stop.

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